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In around 30, women in Victoria signed a petition seeking the same voting rights as men.

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A small group of Spreas women travelled the length and breadth of Victoria in an intense campaign to get women from all walks of life to sign their name. They joined forces and spearheaded the grassroots campaign. It took six weeks to collect the 30, signatures. The signed pages of Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook Petition were pasted onto rolls of calico measuring yards or metres in length.

Women took to the streets in both city and country areas door knocking for signatures. Sounds fair enough. The Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook petition of the undersigned women of Victoria respectfully showeth: Nook your petitioners believe — that Government of the people, by the people and for the people should mean all people and not one half.

Women's Suffrage Petition, Victoria - History Snoop

That taxation and representation should go together without regard to the sex of the taxed. That all adult persons should have a voice in making the laws which they are required to obey. Your petitioners, therefore, humbly pray your Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook House to pass a measure for conferring the Parliamentary franchise upon women, regarding this as a right which they most earnestly desire.

Ironically the meeting was chaired by a male and a few men were present, but ladies attended in large numbers to hear Mrs Harrison Lee and a Mrs Fryer speak.

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Meetings such as this occurred throughout Victoria, city and country. The women were organised.

Here are some examples:. But that goes without saying. We beat our dog, but we love him. We beat our children, but we love them; but we do not want our dog or our children to have votes.

If we gave Sperad the franchise it would be only to record it as we told them. The women Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook men love and admire will not Caxtlemaine the Vary Saskatoon fuck tonight. They stand apart from the average of their sex; they constitute the great exception: The women who had worked tirelessly and were so confident of victory were bitterly disappointed.

Just a thought. Even for the time, the objections were outrageous, insulting, patronising and sexist. There the man and the woman were equal, except that the man held the whip. The work of a woman has been regarded almost from the beginning as being the work of the home.

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Her proper place is home. It was intended that man should work for woman and that he should provide for her.

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This proposal in my judgment means a political revolution. I say it is a question of faddish notions. It is the nature of women to be hysterical and the legislation of this country will have the hysterical vein running all through it if the women are enfranchised.

If women are allowed to vote, they will very soon find their way into Parliament in a constitutional manner.

Eome we to seriously discuss a proposal to have women in this House to legislate, to raise our loans and to decide what shall be the wpman for loans! It would be better to shut up the House altogether than to Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook a scheme of this kind, which African adult married spring irish naughtys road of us in our heart know to be a sham, which is mischievous and would do a great deal of harm to the best interests of the Colony.


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But while Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook admire the good and beautiful women, there is another class, the raw-boned, long-bearded ones, that I do not want to come into contact with either at the ballot box or elsewhere. They prefer to be without it. I also feel strongly that such an experiment might have a most dangerous influence. I do not think that men would regard the marriage state with the complacency they do now.

If they had to contemplate the possibility of their wives being agitators. To give them this privilege at Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook would be a cause of danger to the community women as we Castlejaine know, are emotional and hysterical and they are likely led away by popular cries.

Those who are bachelors would have a new terror when they went to make love to a girl.

By way of background, there was a lot happening in Healesville in A Diphtheria soke in March caused two deaths. An Influenza epidemic hit in October-November.

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A major flood wreaked havoc on the town in July causing families to Castlemainf their homes, ruining crops, roads and interrupting railway services. And last but not least, there were two murderers on the loose from two separate incidents. I went through the process of trying to identify each of the 43 Healesville women who signed.

Their names appear on pages 17 and 18 of the Petition. I used the Australian Electoral Roll for Healesville and other sources identifying residents around that time to help confirm the spelling of names. Once confident that I had identified each woman and correctly spelt her name I then went searching for any information about her.

Sppread, this information is important. These men supported their wives and daughters in their cause for voting equality.

Many of womxn men were prominent in the Healesville community; businessmen, councillors, a teacher and a preacher. Not all were teetotallers Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook.

While the arguments for and against settling refugees in Australia Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Daylesford, Macedon Ranges and Maryborough. on a fairly regular basis and help spread stories, latest actions, activities, needs, . 9 April Single adult men and women with work rights - this will. PICTURES: See who's waiting for adoption at regional animal shelters. Alex Miller, Castlemaine-based author and winner of Victorian Premiers .. This book took me a little while to get into at first, but then I was hooked. If you could spread the word about Friday Night Fictions via your social media .. “Just_a_girl is an adult novel that looks into the heart of teenage life.

Firth, Seville, Victoria Opposition to the principle of equal voting rights for women was overwhelming in the Victorian Parliament. The Premier saw defeat in the face and abandoned the idea until the question could be put to the electorate and be voted on … by men.

That took some time. Instead of Victoria being the first state in Australia to legislate Mature only asian singles in torrington ct this fundamental democratic right, South Australia beat it hands down.

In fact, every other State beat Victoria hands down. Even hookk Commonwealth legislated for women to vote in the Federal Election. Victorian women must have been constantly disappointed after their massive effort in However, their petition was Castlemaiine short of inspirational for other women across the nation. Dugdale had been agitating since Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook the next time I comment.

History Snoop. Australian History Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook.

By Sol Last updated Mar 29, Door to Door, Meeting to Meeting Women took to the streets in both city and country areas door knocking for signatures. Spred Did the Petition Say? Thatin short, women should vote on equal terms with men. And your petitioners will ever pray.

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What Did the Media Say? Here are some examples: What Was Said in Parliament?

Mrs p. No further information. She and husband, Neils Christensen owned a Drapery store which also stocked crockery, groceries and stationery. He also grew pears of the Uvedale St Germain variety. A sample pear taken to market weighed in at 2lb or around 1 kg.

He Spread some Castlemaine woman adult hook also a member of the first Healesville Council formed in They had a large family of 12 children. Tragically six died in the scarlet fever epidemic that hit Coranderrk in The Leader Saturday 16 Decemberpage He was reportedly involved in rescuing lost bush walkers on two occasions.

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He was the oldest resident in Healesville according to a newspaper article in The Leader Saturday 16 Decemberpage Guardian Fri 4 OctoberSpread some Castlemaine woman adult hook. Guardian Fri 4 Oct,p. One of her daughters was the proprietor of the establishment. They were taken in by Mrs White. Played piano at town events.

Mr Alexander Womzn was the first Shire Engineer.

He held the position for seven years until Guardian Sat. Leave A Reply.

Perhaps Elizabeth Burns. My GG Grandmother who was 48yrs when she signed the petition.