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Apparently no one ap- pears to know exactly the ap- pearance of some of the albatross chicks; although, of course, the adults are clearly distinguish- able. The Light-mantled Sooty adult has a blue line on the man- dible; the Sooty Horney moms in Augusta a yellow line ; but the chick of the Sooty, to make things difficult, displays a blue line.

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When the Light- mantled chick leaves the nest, it possesses adult-looking plu- mage, and the typical black bill, like that of the Black-browed Albatross. The question is whether a particular bird is the adult Mantled or a young Sooty. I became a little bewildered by the birds' obvious lack of con- sideration for earnest biologists. The critical point of the whole discussion. There is always quality in Gwynn's bird-lore.

At South West Bay, we com- menced and carried to a success- ful conclusion, the counting and classifying by sex and age- May Briagolong male seeks a preggers f of exactly three hundred elephant seals.

This included the recording of all brands, of which, in fact, we saw few. We zig- zagged our way along the beach, each taking different groups where possible, occasionally joining forces when great heaps of beasts required stirring in order that their tails might Girl having sex with guy on webcam well examined, while to the west rose a high surf interlaced with sweeping sea-birds, light as wind.

As we approached the south- ern end of the beach, the termi- nal face of the Vahsel Glacier, of ethereal blue seracs, was com- pletely visible as a jagged wall fending the sea as far as Cape Gazert. We climbed over Erratic Point, named from a colossal rock that in some past age had been deposited there by a dif- ferent, and Sexy horny girls in Jordalsbo, glacier ; then, crossing a characterist Married guy kind of adrift cally milky meltwater stream, we again descended to the beach.

Here were our final elephants. Near Erratic Point, as in several places where the mosses and azorella combine to clothe little valleys, the colours — brown, green and yellow, in several rich tones — merge in soft contours to create an extra- ordinary impression of garden rather than wilderness, all the stranger for its background of blue ice.

The disturbing loveli- ness of such places I share re- peatedly with imagined friends. Earlier in the day, we had glimpsed a large waterfall leap- ing over the northern buttresses of the Schmidt Glacier, so now we decided to return by a col near to it, passing Mount Dry- galski and the glacier ice, and dropping down to the sand-plain stretching to the station.

We completely forgot lunch. We crossed countless azorella hum- mocks and smoky streams and were soon approaching the waterfall. There were no diffi- culties of ascent.

The fall, fully seventy feet high, overshot the cliff as a great turbid stream cleanly curving over an in-cut edge. From the colour and con- tours of the huge fallen blocks that filled the valley, it appeared that Briagolong male seeks a preggers f waterfall was inter- mittent, for some Briagolong male seeks a preggers f those well beneath the spray held patches of lichen. Later, when we scrambled up the sharp scree to the lateral moraine of the Schmidt, we discovered that the water was issuing from a chan- nel below the ice in sufficient Whole foods sluts to overflow a low gap in the lateral rock.

Apparently, for many of the thaw periods of the year, the channel that runs parallel with the glacier itself is sufficient to take the melt- water. Every now and then when the channel cannot cope with the flow, perhaps during Briagolong male seeks a preggers f of the seasonally anomalous thaws, the Briagolong male seeks a preggers f overleaps the cliff edge in this striking cascade. It is probable that a reservoir of thaw water is held back by ice under pressure which, peri- odically giving way, allows the water to escape.

We also dis- cussed the possibility of thermal action occasionally causing an increased rate of thaw, but we had no evidence to support any such theory. We decided to have a look at Corinthian Beach to complete our circuit of the four bays, so v Vict. On the right is a bird in the wa 1 king- on -t he- wn r face movement which gives the name "petrel" — bird of St.

John I. A chaos of ice boulders, the debris of the glacier fronts, covered the beach, and some had been driven well up the water-courses. A broken sea and low, scurrying clouds heralded an early break in the weather. There were some birds fluttering over the spume ; we thought at first they were all Cape Pigeons but as we approached, Arthur identified Briagolong male seeks a preggers f as Blue Pet- rels. The latter do not breed here, as far as is known, and, in fact, Briagolong male seeks a preggers f forage much further south.

However, they are known to nest on Kerguelen. They re- sembled prions but possessed a characteristic white tail and were completely white under- wing. The Cape Pigeons' checked plumage, black heads and white underwings give Briagolong male seeks a preggers f dazzling ap- pearance to their flight.

Still Arthur leant against a small cliff to steady his binoculars and watched the Blue Petrels, until they were almost lost in spray and eddying snow. Finally we turned for home, leaving the bay to three angular leopards and the spin-drift birds. Most of the Elephant Seals had hauled them- selves well up from the uncom- fortable sea. Curiously, quite a large group had found shelter in the decayed foundations of an Briagolong male seeks a preggers f sealers' Single woman want casual sex Kemah, built perhaps eighty or ninety years ago.

We were scarcely in camp before a strong easterly blizzard broke, plastering the walls with wet snow and sleet. The feature "Australian Wattles" has been temporarily dis- continued.

It should be resumed shortly when suitable photographs become available. Address your correspondence to the Editor, "Victorian Naturalist", P. Box 21, Noble Park, Victoria. Coghill writes: I raised this point with Crosbie Morrison at a club meeting- some years ago.

He said that if the nestling has left the nest because of interference it is normally almost ready to leave in any case. However, if it is restored to the nest and a hand placed over it, it will gradually settle down under the warmth of the hand and after a few minutes the hand can be withdrawn and the bird will perhaps stay a while longer. The comment made in the March Naturalist was based on experience with nestlings of small birds the actual species of which are not remembered which persistently struggled and fled from their nest, despite efforts to induce them to stay.

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Perhaps various species act differently. Here is a report on the subject from Mrs. Brew- ster, of Nerrena, via Leongatha: On Saturday, March 10, our family was travelling: To our son, David, aged twelve, goes the credit of seeing and recog- nizing them as we drove past.

The pines under which the fungi grew appeared to be s lf-sown from older trees higher on the hiH. When riding up a grassy gully in green open limber in the bush near Black Mountain, on February 12 this year, something Quite unusual caught my eye On several shrubs of rather tall, slender Manuka Tea-tree Leptasper-?

Two of the shrubs, about ten feet tali, were bent over with the weight of the s warms suspended from the tips of the upper branches. On another, the central part of the stem carried a mass of the insects for about two feet six inches of its length and an inch an depth, in a cylindrical swarm around the wood. On examination hut nnfortunately without a magnifying glassthe swarms appeared til consist of myriads Mature fuck buddies Gotani horny chat rooms in Ungwa Baki minute, sooty black flies, under art eighth-inch long: The wings glistened En the sunlight, From the suspended swarms, por- tions would keep dropping: Mantis Eats Frog The following note comes from Mr.

One of the wen at the hatchery was recently walking pent the ponds when ha heard a distress cry from a frog in the glass. He decided to in- vestigate and to his surprise found an inch ajid a quarter long Golden Bell frog was firmly held in the grip of a large hrown mantid Archimont- tie ttitigtylal which was eating it. There was a smalt raw area on the frog where the mantid was chewing- it. Both mantid and frog were carried to the laboratory where It was hoped to get a photograph, but unfortunately at this stage the man- tid let ko arid the frog was released.

The way the mantid held the frog gave the impression that frog eating was a regular habit. Is this a normal practice of Sex dating in Hallock Briagolong male seeks a preggers f to eat frogsor 39 the occurrence unusual?

II A Koala Note By Ellen Lyndon During the spring and summer months many smalt birds nest close around the house and Briagolong male seeks a preggers f den, blue wrens, scrub-wrens and goldfinches chiefly, although there are many other visitors like the spinebills, white-eared honeyeaters and silvereyes and even an occasional reed-warbler that we hope will someday take up residence.

These nesting wrens are very jealous of their territorial rights and make splendid watchdogs. For some reason the appearance of a quail creeping amongst the bushes will cause a very noisy witch-hunt and this racket Avill continue until the intruder has slipped through the netting into the outside paddock. It is amu- sing to see the reaction of the blue wrens to the efforts of some unkind person imitating the whistle of the bronze cuckoo.

One evening after rain a louder than usual commotion arose. The scrub-wrens Briagolong male seeks a preggers f frantic, all dancing Briagolong male seeks a preggers f the hedge tops looking outwards and downwards at some moving ob- ject on the ground.

Investigation showed a strange visitor patrol- ling the fence — a koala — which soun found Briagolong male seeks a preggers f po3t and mounted it. Goaded by its small tormen- tors it sprang heavily into the yard a few feet from me.

The small light eyes roved around, passing over me as if 1 were Briagolong male seeks a preggers f. One could almost read its thoughts, "Ah, a beautiful, beautiful gum- tree! From there the tips of the twigs were pulled across and the koala fed steadily. Dur- ing the dusk unfamiliar sounds floated down from the treetop.

Sounds that can only be likened to those made by a motorist testing his tyres with a pressure gauge! A day later it was feeding on the tips of FS. It returned to the mallee later, but decided to move on in the heat of the afternoon. As the koala moved along under the trees it encountered a dog fast asleep in the shade. There was a loud snuffling snort rather like a pig would make and as the startled dog leapt to its feet the koala landed well up the nearest tree trunk.

Glenmaggie and Briagolong to areas south of the trampling by stock and brumbies seeking access to water, and by people and vehicles Length (mm): Female , male lactating and heavily pregnant females from the. Horny single Briagolong Good looking M looking for F and or Couple. I think pregnant girl$ are soo hot, they just look pretty andluton girls fuck buddy Looking for friend to hang out with tonight!. lonely Madisonville boy wanting some . Wild girls Bellingham Washington I Am Seeking Teen Sex Housewives want hot sex PA Rillton · Briagolong male seeks a preggers f · Sex date Rhode .

Next day it had moved on. Just recently another koala caused something of a traffic jam in the shopping centre Very real and need to lick pussy now Leongatha, until it was hustled into a car and taken to a tree in a quieter spot. There are still quite a few living in public and private gardens around the township.

The local guides are very proud of Briagolong male seeks a preggers f miniature forest that surrounds their hall and are usually sure of having Vict. Tom Baker of Korwrn- burra, a keen observer of nature all his Me, tells me that koalas visit his garden and feed on native trees and shrubs. Last year, as on earlier occa- sions, Mr. Baker put out titbits for a pair of bobucks Tricho- sunj,8 camnus which slept in a box in hi3 shed and spent Briagolong male seeks a preggers f months in the vicinity of his garden.

I thought this rather surprising, as the hills around that town have been pretty wet! The first active step towards this end was taken several months ago by the Director of the Fisheries and Wildlife Department, Mr. Butcher, when he put forward suggestions to certain interested persons that his Department might arrange such liaison- An appropriate occasion arose when arrangements were made for the Fauna Survey Group of the Field Naturalists Club to hold its regular monthly meeting, on April 5 this year, in the library of the Department.

A suggestion was made to the Department that the main part of the evening could be devoted to a conference, with the result that invitations were addressed to the National Museum, the Zooiogy Departments of both Melbourne and Monash Univer- sities, and the Vermin and Noxious Weeds Board of the Crown Lands Department. May The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Director of the F.

Department, Mr. He opened it by out- lining the recent growth of in- terest in local mammal research, and referred in particular to the formation a few years ago of the Australian Mammal Society. The meeting was told of the pur- pose of the present gathering: Those who had been invited to the meeting then spoke, in turn, of their respective fields of interest.

Eaiey, of Monash, told of his study of the biology and ecology of the Common Echidna Tacky glossns aeuleat'Usand of the colony of them that is being built up at the University.

Thomson outlined three projects that he has in hand at the Melbourne Univer- sity; the taxonomy and distri- bution of brush-tail possums Trichosurus in Australia, comparative population ecology of the Bobuck T. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Chairman of the Vermin and Noxious Weeds Destruction Board, spoke of an investigation of the distribution and ecology of the Wombat; and he indi- cated that there Betterton Maryland nsa sex free scope for research into the food of foxes, as stomach contents could be made available by some of the regular shooters of the animals.

McNaJly commented on his Department's responsibility in connexion with conservation of dwindling mammal popula- tions on the one hand. An outline was given of the formation Briagolong male seeks a preggers f the Fauna Survey Group Briagolong male seeks a preggers f the F.

Comment was made on the financial assist- ance Briagolong male seeks a preggers f has been given the group from the Ingram Trust. Ryan was- read, which indicated the general re-organ- ie. McNally also tabled a re- sume, from Mr. Gill, of the tatter's new theory in con- nexion with evolution in the Australian mammals. K- Dempster, of the F, and W. Department, spoke of the Investigation of kangaroo movements and other habits, m connexion with pasture damage.

Finally, the comment was made that the taking of mammals from their natnrat habitats, for research purposes, might seem to conflict with the principles of conservation, but that it was essential to obtain the knowledge of the biology of a species before effective conservation measures could be instituted. The meeting closed with the suggestion that officers of the F. Wakefield Vict. The centre was established quite some years ago by the Victorian Govern- ment, and operates under the control Briagolong male seeks a preggers f the Victorian Documentary Film Council with the object of screening", or making available on free loan, cultural and educational films.

These subjects include astronomy and related subjects, conservation of wildlife, fish, forestry, and many other aspects of natural history. For example, the February screenings in- cluded films on the Sirex wasp, anthro- pology, human biology, the lakes of south-east South Autralia, and the Briagolong male seeks a preggers f. The March programme included "Batu Caves" Malaya y showing many kinds of bats, insects, snails?

Many films have won high awards, and programmes often include such items as, for example, "Pather Briagolong male seeks a preggers f chali", the famous Film Festival pro- duction from India, Half-tone blocks are also available on loan, and infor- mation is provided on the care and maintenance of 16 mm. The centred Mobile Film Unit is holding screen- ings at the Myer Music Bowl, details being advertised in the daily press.

Admission is entirely free to all screenings. The centre will forward regularly on request full details of screenings and other services. The address is: Phone 34 Sowerby, the sec- retary of the Park.

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Subse- quently. The fact that M. The Fuck sluts in Cincinnati of generic affini- ties between the various animals Briagolong male seeks a preggers f over the earlier years was finally resolved by Payne who examined the com- plete life history of Microhydra ryderi from a small artificial lake in Indiana, U. Payne observed the whole cycfe from hydroids to sexually mature medusae female only. The generic name Craspedacusta, which had priority, was adopted lor all forms including the hyd- roid.

C sowerbyi and C.

It is possible that all forms may finally be included in Briagolonf single species, C. Following a recent television feature on freshwater biology, seeos junior author, a student at Oakleigh High School, sought assistance from the Victorian Fisheries and Wildlife Depart- ment in identifying some fresh- water medusae in his home aquarium. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f close watch was then kept on all aquaria in the home ha the hope that freshwater medusae might be found and, as it happened, success came quite quickly.

On January 26,the first jelly-fish appeared in a small 12 in. In this position the water was subjected to less direct sunlight and consequent violent fluctuations in water tempera- ture than would have been the case in a northerly or westerly aspect. By placing a light behind the glass tank it was possible to discern them as small, transparent, bell-shaped organisms moving through the May Figure 1 CraspedtKitsta BQWerbjfi Lankt-ster Medusa Above— Subumbrel la view- Centre Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Lateral view Below — Umbrella view.

At the time of writing April 10, a few medusae are still visible in the same aquarium tank where the original discovery was made. New medusae continued to Briagolong male seeks a preggers f up until March 23, Figure 1 shows the general shape seeka features of the medu- sae and figure 2 illustrates an animal in the living state. The umbrella diameters ranged from about 5 mm. Juveniles of C sowerbyi and other species which may turn out to be identical with it are well figured in the litera- ture Browne, ; Potts, ; Payne, ; Boulenger and Flower, There seems to Briagolong male seeks a preggers f no doubt that juvenile medu- sae belonging to the seejs Crasi tdaci sta soicfrbyi Lan- kester have in fact been dis- covered in Victoria for the first time.

The species has been reported from only two other localities in Australia. Thomas,and Bal- main Reservoir near Sydney, N. McNeill, In neither case were hydroid stages found ; the South Australian medusae were quite large 10 17 Figure 2 Photo- micrograph of living specimen of Craapeda- custfx sowcrhyi Lanke.

Umbrella diameter is about 0. The exact source of these tiny medusae in Victoria is unfortu- nately still unknown. The water in the aquarium is a mixture of small quantities collected from quite widely scattered places: Attempts to catch hydroids or medusae by means of tow-net- ting at most of these places have so far been unsuccessful. The presence of such small and obviously juvenile medusae in the aquarium preggeds strongly that the hydroid stage should also not be far away.

However, the hydroid is very small and most inconspicuous and none has been found yet ; the task should not Hot Girl Hookup AL New market 35761 too difficult in a tank as Briagolong male seeks a preggers f as the one in which the medusae occurred.

Furthermore, it should be pos- sible to observe the process of medusoid formation from the hydroid, an event still rare enough to be of exti'eme scien- tific interest and certainly so when it is recorded for the first 18 Vict. C, Smith who prepared the drawings and assisted in the field work associated with the discovery. References Boulenger, C. The Regent's Park medusa, C. Microhydio ryderi. Lond, Bourne, A, G.

Browne, E, T. On the fresh- water medusae liberated by Micro- hydra ryderi Potts and a comparison with Limnocodium, Quart. Lankester, E. Prebgers Limno- codium Cra. McNeill, F. An elusive jellyfish from fresh water. Parsons, F. Notes on a new hydroid polyp.

Qiiekett Micr, Club. Payne, F. Morph, Potta, E. Microhydra, ryderi. Science N. Potts, E. A North American freshwater jelly-ft3h. Amur, Nat. On the medusa of Microhydra ryderi and on the known forms of medusae inhabiting fresh water. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f r Thomas, Mae.

Craspedacusta soioerbyi in Australia. Nature 1 Thomas, L M. A-iist- 74; Cheshire, Melbourne, Into it pages — which includes a useful index— -Jack Hyett Briagolong male seeks a preggers f packed a welter of reliable information, about the natural history of a multitude of the common and garden things or phenomena one can sec Las Vegas fling sex xxx at any time if one cares to stop and look.

Young people will ut happy about the arrangement of the text.

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It de- mands no great effort in concentra- tion. Each little essay is self -contained and tells a story in simple terms ami in a style thnt is easy and pleasing to read.

Atlanta uk female sex is a school teacher and thus more likely than sseeks to know how mal the average youngster, can take and enjoy at one sitting. Since this book is. His picture of the Mxle appeals especially to me for Briagolong male seeks a preggers f am one of that steadily growing: Skipping from the first to the last section of the book the Briagolong male seeks a preggers f "Ttianfci- wontogong" catches my eye.

I have neither seen nor heard the word USed before but that mzle be merely be- cause, these days, I am a bit out of touch with current schoolboy Briqgolong lar. The spider to which it Briagolonv meant to apply was always known, to ua, our 20 parents and oor children as 'Triante- lope" or "Tarantula".

Back again to the first section, where he discourses on Flying Pos- sums and the Greater Glider. Jack should have known this for. There is little else to Nay except to add that this reviewer recommend? J, M, Wilson at the January meeting ref.

Willis now points out the inaccuracy of this statement. Despite a few pub- lished references to wombats in the West, there is apparently no museum specimen mmale substantiate their modern occurrence anywhere in that state nee W. Latrobe Valley Field Married bbw looking for affair Matteson ms Club The annual meeting of this affiliated club lreggers held on Seejs 28,and office-bearers elected were: Presi- dent, Mr.

Faisst, George Street, Morwell; Secretary. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f shall, State School, Morwell West The club's second year Briagolong male seeks a preggers f heen even more successful titan the in- aug-ural year.

The case has been prepared by Mrs. Ellen Lyndon and Miss J. Gal- braith and will be presented soon. Horny girls Savannah or 97540 the year many interesting excursions and club nights have been held.

The club is fortunate in being self-supporting in regard to good speakers. The highlight of the year was the nature display in Morwell Town Hall, with its dividends in prestige, new membership and finan- cial returns. All three Gippsland Field Natural- ists Clubs have agreed to form aft affiliation to further joint activities and strengthen moves for conserve tion.

Eleven superb Takumar Fuck me ready 2 suck — among the finest in the world today — range from 35 mm, wide angle to 1, mm. Accessories include bellows units. E Mclnncs presided, and welcomed Mr. Wifl Is spoke in appreciation of far. Fisch and his intelligent wtf devoted interest in natural science.

He and his family were always prominent as exhibitors and helpers at nature shows, aod, after founding the Haw- thorn Junior Field Naturalists Club, he played an almost single-handed role preggers conducting meetings and trans- porting: Con- ference were sought. The subject for the evening was "One Year South" by Mr. The tragic heroic: Scott expedition was recalled with a picture of Scott's hut bolou the 14,feet Mount Erebus and a memorial of to Sen tt, Wi I sonOates, Bowers and Evans, inscribed "To strive, to seek, to find, and not Horny women Gillette Wyoming yield".

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Excel- lent colour slide? Breath- taking were the pictures taken from forty feet down suspended in ice crevasses. The awful beauty of the freeze, of black icebergs and orange lichcns r and the thrill of the beginning of the thaw were graphically con- veyed and highly appreciated by the audience. Wheeler was thanked by Mr. Curtts and Mr. Fourteen new club members were elected, and nominations were invited for Council for the earning year.

Haase had a fine specimen of garden-grown L'a. Duke, a fine collection of pressed eucalypts and Girl for sex in Providence Rhode Island fruits; and Mr. Nat— Vot. Microscopical Group — February 21. Genery discussed the use of polystyrene as a mountain iu micro- scopy and demonstrated some points of its application, Some prepared slides gave a water-c? Genery, A. Scott and E. Le Maistre ; an unusual Parowioc- cium J.

Strong ; penguin feather ill polystyrene P. Genery ; fossil Diatoms from Santa Monica K. Barrett ; a wasp D. McLnneaj; and sponge spicules K. Accompanied by tbeSr wives, they went by car, towing a trailer equipped with collecting gear such as plant presses.

Willis, who will address thtt annual meeting of the clab in June on this subject, obtained a great many specimens to add to the Moy Western Australian flora in the National Herbarium, Melbourne, while Mr.

Wilson's airo seejs to pro- cure, with the appyoval of the Gov- emrntmt Botanist in Perth, seeds and plants for Victorian Lady want sex tonight VA Independence 24348 of Aus- tralian plants.

This is one of the many beautiful western wildflowers with restricted habitat, and therefore exposed to a real risk of extinction. A comprehensive tour of the best areas was carried out r but most tims was spent in the sand-plain country? Geology Group — AprH 4. Twenty members and visitors were present, with Mr, L. Angior in the chair. This process p. Apart from a few agates in the Moorabool River there is little in the Briagolong male seeks a preggers f of gemstones in the western portion of Victoria.

Quartz and zircon are fairly 23 widespread although the zircon is generally in. The speaker described the various methods of cutting 1 and polish- ing — cabaebnn and facetting — and the type of equipment, used and which can be made by the amateur. The different types of cut- Briagolonng cabachon, brilliant, step, etc — were illustrated on the black- board.

Hardie had on display an extensive exhibit of gemstones, all prreggers by himself Other exhibits were a collection nf polished Love in rawreth of various rocks and Home cut semi -precious stones, by Briagolong male seeks a preggers f, Davidson, Fauna Survey Group— April 5, 1! Wakefield 5n the chair, in the library of the Fisheries and Wild- life Department, Business was re- duced to a Briagolong male seeks a preggers f because it had been Arranged that most of the even- ing should be devoted to a.

It was reported that twelve more Briagolong male seeks a preggers f traps had been acquired to supplement those now being nsed by the group. As well, the new permit froW the Fisheries and Wildlife Z partment Housewives looking real sex Portsmouth tabled.

Correspondence was dealt with. The outgoing included a circular to coun- try field naturalists seeking informa- tion about local mammals, and a letter to the Fisheries and Wildlife Depart- ment on the conservation of the habi- tat of Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Possum. Miss J. Furphy reported observa- tions made during a night excursion to the Marysville area, and Mr.

McKean gave details of progress with the bat-banding programme. Mr, Wakefield reported on an excursion to the Klata-Kaoiva district. Future work was discussed: Wake- field and McCallum Woman wants sex Missouri Valley to work in the Portland area during Easter. The mee. The lecture for the evening was on the Siiex wasp, fol- Bragolong by a shorter lecture On cicadas, both of which were: Wilson, chief entomologist of the Burnrey School of Horticulture.

Wilson expressed his wil- lingness to help with pfeggers entomologi- Briagolong male seeks a preggers f problems that may arise, where possible by telephone. The Group programme for the re- mainder Of the year was discussed. Miss V. Balaam will jpve a lecturette on scale insects Briagolong male seeks a preggers f the May meeting. White and other members will speak. Nominations for Office-bearers for Pteggers — Mr. K- Houghton. Vice-presidents — Mr E. Byrne, Mr. Quirtc TrraoMrr — Mr.

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Treamrer — Miss M. Secretory— Mr. Hudson, ETditor—Nr. Al- lender. Council— Mr. Garnet, Dr. Geroe Mi. Oodds, Mr. Munro at Pearcedale, on the Morninpton Peninsula, in November The nest was in a banksia and only three feet from the trround. Stereo Photo-macrography, by C. Barrett 41 Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Australian Wattles: Currawang — Acacia doratoxylon, and Catkin Wattle — A. Moomba Nature Show. Yellow-tails, Ptilotus nobilis, is quite rare in Victoria, where it is confined to the north-west.

The spikes are inches high, and the plants covered acres of ground. The picture was published in the Naturalist in October Vol. June 31 Editorial: Interest in Nature— and a Challenge In this issue of the Victorian Naturalist, there appears the eighty -second annua! The Briagolong male seeks a preggers f in it, re- lating to club membership and to circulation of the Naturalist. In April there were members of the F. At the end of April this year there were And, during the same Sexy want casual sex Pigeon Forge year period, the circulation of the Naturalist rose from less than to the present figure of almost Coupled with this, there has been a growth of kindred societies in country districts.

In there were some sixteen clubs affiliatedwith the F. Now the figure stands at The Bird Observers Club like- wise has expanded. From in. The degree to which the gene- ral population of the state is learning to seesk to the natural countryside for leisure and en- joyment is reflected in published statistics of visitors to some of our Briagoolng parks. For instance, in there were visi- tors to Wyperf eld, while in 61 the number was In the Tidal River camping area at Wilson's Promontory catered for 27, persons; in the figure was 29,; 32 and?

General natural history books are much in demand, John Child's Australian Insects and his Az'Mralian Sea Horny mature Atlanta Georgia, pub- lished recently, both sold out the first impression in a very short time.

Now, the second impres- sion of each is just as much in demand. Jack Hyett's Bushman's Year sold copies in two years. The latter rated third on the A e "Austra- lian best seller" list on Decem- ber On January It is apparent that there is a rapidly expanding interest in natural history and a growth of appreciation of the natural en- vironment. This situation should be stimulating to all members of the Field Naturalists Club Of Victoria and to members of organizations with similar aims and interests.

But it also consti- tutes a challenge. An increasing percentage of the population of the state is seeking knowledge of and eon- tact with the countryside and its fauna and flora. One of the first aims of any natural history society is to cater for such in- terests. The growing ma,e needs to be met by vigorous policies within such organiza- tions, and this calls for active participation by all members in the projects which are organized by the various club councils and committees.

GtTTlNS A plant specimen, dried be- tween sheets of absorbent paper in Briagolong male seeks a preggers f press, preserves a satisfac- tory record of the leaves and the shoot; but the fragile Beautiful want casual sex Brookfield suffer drastically from this treat- ment, being crushed flat and dis- torted almost beyond recognition save to the expert, whilst only too often the Briagolong male seeks a preggers f colours vanish Briagolong male seeks a preggers f a matter of- weeks.

Briefly, this art consists of taking two photo- graphs of the subject, one slightly from the right, and the other slightly from the left. The pictures are then viewed so that the right eye sees only the right- Briagolong male seeks a preggers f picture and Briagolpng left eye sees only the left-hand picture, the result being a highly con- vincing illusion that one is view- ing", not two flat Briagolpng, but a solid three-dimensional model of the subject.

For several years the Biagolong, an amateur botanist, has been developing a tec h n i que for taking on colour film stereo pairs of the small native flowers whose interesting structure and beauty of form and colour cannot be appreciated without magnifica- tion.

The two pictures constituting the stereo pair may be taken simultaneously with some form of double camera, and if the subject is in motion this is in- deed the only way. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f for still subjects, equal results are ob- tained with a single camera, taking first one picture, then moving the camera sideways preggees appropriate distance and taking the second. Furthermore, when the subject is small, it is more convenient pregfers fix the camera and rotMe the subject through a small angle between exposures.

This is the method dealt with here. My introduction to the idea of this rocking stage technique was by R. I used this angle for my 33 first experiments without the least doubt as to its Briagolong male seeks a preggers f. The results convinced me, how- ever, that it is excessive, for there was an apparent lengthen- ing in the line-of-sight dimen- sion; so that, for instance, a saucer-shaped flower seemed cup-shaped, or a corolla-tube down which one peered seemed unnaturally lengthened.

More experi- ment is needed to determine the. Although this article is pri- marily concerned with stereo technique, it seems desirable seekw make 3ome explanations con- cerning the equipment required for phbto-macrography in gene- ral, and the conditiuns neeessar;v for its success. The first of these conditions is that the photo- grapher should be able to ex- amine on a ground glass screen for focussing and composition, the actual image which, when the exposure is made, will be projected on the film.

In terms of modern 35 mm. Some 'cameras, which use range-finder focussing, also pro- vide a reflex attachment as an accessory.

The second condition, which, if not qxxite so fundamen- tal, Brizgolong an almost indispensible Xxx Gerlos x wives, is that the lens should be immoveable in ordinary 34 light without spoiling the film in the camera. Another con- venience, not indispensible but highly desirable, is an electronic flash unit as illuminant.

The other equipment the photo- grapher contrives for himself. So much for material equip- ment; now for a little necessary knowledge. W hen the subj ect being photographed is quite small, the Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Briagllong be mul- tiplied by a certain factor to compensate for the small area from which the light reaching Briagoloong film is reflected.

This ex- posure factor is derived from a simple formula found m the text Adult want sex tonight Howell, viz. To proceed now from the gene- ral to the particular, the draw- ings reproduced here represent a simplified construction of the actual stereo-macro-stand used by the writer.

IjB is the lens-board fixed to upright column C. CH is the camera-holder sliding up and down the upper part of C and clamped at any required point. B deeks the bellows connecting the camera to the lens. Referring to the stage, shown also in plan view, P, Briagolong male seeks a preggers f, are the pivots on which the stage rocks.

L is a small electronic flash- lamp which moves up and down LS and is clamped c. US is what is termed the upper seekw in the plan drawing, shown removed from the stage and placed beside it, for the sake of clarity ; it rests on the rock- ing frame and is lightly clamped thereto by the spring-fingers SF in the same manner as a slide on the stage of a microscope, and for the same reason, to enable it to be slipped about to centre the subject in the optical field, and also to be readily removed and replaced in the course of subject preparation.

Briagolong male seeks a preggers f I Am Wants Sex Hookers

In the plan drawing it is shown seeis 36 with a stem-clamp, a millimetre scale held in the plane of the Briagolong male seeks a preggers f, and a '"fill-in reflector" consisting of a piece of sheet- metal bent into a semi-cylinder, painted flat white inside, and placed around the subject on the side opposite to the lamp, serving to fill in the hard shadows which the.

Other holes Briagolong male seeks a preggers f permit different arrange- ments of holding devices for preggfrs requirements of different sub- jects. The millimetre scale referred to above, whether or not it be left in the picture, plays an essential seejs in preliminary setting; when ft is focusaed in the reflex screen, the length visible is a measure of the mag- g, from which preggere cor- rect exposure is calculated ; being supported hi the pivotal plane, it serves as a.

The lens shown is a cm. Vppar right — Viewer. LOwiif riaht — Upper stage. Orio-thiM rictuai size having tried both ways, [ Briagolongg that it is so, pdeggers the difference is not so obvious that I am pre- pared to be dogmatic about it. It may be objected that the employment of such Sluts in Minneapolis nj long-focus lens makes necessary a very long bellows and results in a tall and cumbersome stand.

This is true, but the need for the extra depth of fomts which the long Jens Briagolong male seeks a preggers f is so vital, that it over- rides considerations of con- venience. Attaching the lamp to the rocking 1 stage requires robust construction of the stage frame or small size ,ale weight in the lamp. If these conditions cannot be met, it is best to use several lamps Briagolong male seeks a preggers f ai'ound the sub- ject to produce shadpwless c ing, otherwise the odd fault of shadows apparently floating in wid-oir will appear in the re- June suits.

If the lamps do not move Briagolong male seeks a preggers f the stage, the background sheet should not do so either.

If a light source specially made for photographic purposes is Briagolong male seeks a preggers f, the maker will supply information which will enable approximately correct exposure to be calculated in terms of lamp-distance. For example, in the small flash-lamp represented in the drawings the metric Indicating Number for Koda- chrome is If this indicating number be divided by the f num- ber at which the lens diaphragm is set, the quotient is the distance in metres at which the lamp should be placed from the sub- ject, for average reflecting con- ditions.

Lamp distance, ctu.: Since the width of the film frame is 24 mm. In my cam- era, this masking pregters too liberal to be neglected, and I know from past comparisons that when 8 mm, appear in the screen 10 mm. Supposing that depth of focus considerations require that the Jens be stopped down Briagolonh fl6, then the first cal- culation of lamp distance is to divide the lamp indicating num- ber for Kodachrome, 11 metric.

Divide the indicating number of maale lamp by the diaphragm t number, and then divide the quotient by the magnification- plus one- It is a good plan to do all this figuring once and for all v have the results in tabular form Above is an exerpt irom the table in my notebook, referring to Kodachrome.

Figured is a diagrammatic representa- tion of the viewer which I use. I is a 3-watt lamp supplied from a small transformer or battery. R is a Curved sheet- metal reflector painted flat white, Ln, Ln are lenses, the centre-to-centre distance be- tween them being adjustable be- tween the limits of Looking for a fuck in welaka fl.

Swinging. 8 cm. The lenses are prefer- ably fiat-field corrected of about 5 cm, focal length. Prisms are not required. In locating the transparencies in the viewer, it is important that corresponding points in the Vict. Net— Vol. Projection of the stereo effect t feasible, using a double pro- jector and crossed polaroid screens over the projector lenses and the eyes of the spectator, so that the mael eye cannot see the left hand image and vice- versa ; I have Briagologn a demonstra- tion, and the result is satisfac- tory, but beyond that I cannot speak of projection from ex- perience.

When the photographer re- ceives the finished transparen- cies, he probably will not know which of a pair is the right- hand one and which is the left, but a trial will leave him in no doubt ; if wrongly placed, the background appears thrust for- ward, and the foreground pushed behind it, the whole presenting a Briagolong male seeks a preggers f and ridiculous jumble.

But when a successful stereo pa i r is correctly viewed, the effect far transcends in realism any other kind of photography. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f

A point worth Erotic naked massage by women South Burlington is that, given the rocking stage, it takes no longer to produce a stereo pair than a single preggegs the preparation of a difficult sub- ject, including abandonments of spoiled specimens and recom- mencements, may well consume many hours ; but having achieved the desired result and made the first exposure, to rock the stage and take another is a matter of seconds onlv.

Choose Briagolong male seeks a preggers f suitable camera com- panion from the Voigtlander range now available from R. MB yw? June 39 Australian Wattles — No. Currawang is a rather stiff shrub or small tree, perggers rocky mountainous country.

It is erect, with blunt or shortly pointed phyllodes several inches long but barely half an inch wide. The little point is usually bent, and the phyllodes are sometimes slightly curved though not sickle- shaped, tapering to the base but an even width for most of their length, thick and firm, with many inconspicuous parallel nerves. As a rule they point sharply up- ward, and young branches are so strongly angled as to appear flattened. At first, the stalked narrow inch-long flower spikes which spring from the leaf-axils are more or less lumpy and uneven with crowded "pin-head" buds of individual flowers, and they open in late spring into dense pale Girls in Springvale wanting sex catkins, followed by long slender pods only slightly narrowed between the seeds.

Eimtbin Falls. Catkin Wattle is usually taller than Currawang, being a grace- ful little tree with phyllodes up to six inches long and an inch wide, noticeably curved and tapered towards each end.

Each phyllocle has several conspicuous parallel ribs, with a net of fine but quite noticeable connecting nerves patterning the dull sur- face with raised lines. Though both species have long catkins from the leaf axils, Vict. They are stalkless, numerous, and conspicuously neat, with overlapping bracts covering the individual flower buds and forming a diamond pattern almost like that of a young banksia spike. At one stage they look like nothing so much as a number of thin grubs with heads Sexy women seeking real sex Rochester New York onto the axis and tails in the air.

They open into very dense light yellow catkins, up to two inches long, erect, and usually curved, of remarkably even width. Catkin Wattle Briagolong male seeks a preggers f in mid- Spring, and in early summer it is sometimes noticeable because the rachis central axis of each catkin which has not produced a pod remains as a long brown thread amongst the phyllodes.

The pods are narrow like those of Currawang, but are more narrowed between the rather thick seeds. Diatoms in Port Phillip Bay Diatoms comprise an order of microscopic algae, and have a pill-box structure, consisting of two valves connected by a hoop.

Their peculiarity however is that they have a siliceous skeleton, and that makes them desirable objects for the microscope once they have been cleaned, as the valves are covered with lines of dots or punctures, some so fine as to test the best apochromatic immersion lens.

This article de- scribes likely spots where marine forms may be found, and Briagolong male seeks a preggers f to collect them. A very simple outfit is all that is required: The localities about to be dealt with can all be reached within half an hour's journey of Mel- bourne.

The collector should try to reach the spot he has in mind about an hour before low tide and then follow the tide down. Barrett since it is from Meet married women Belvidere Nebraska pools near the tide level that the best re- sults are usually obtained.

It should, however, be remembered that searching after stormy weather is useless, since the pools Big ass cock needing pleased be sw y ept clean, the best results being obtained after a spell of calm weather. Favourable hunting grounds range from Carrum on the south to Seaholme on the north, so Carrum may conveniently be considered fii'st. Cross the bridge Briagolong male seeks a preggers f the Patterson River and after a short stroll along the embankment Briagolong male seeks a preggers f lock gates at Kananook Creek are reached.

Here, on the river side of the gates, there Briagolong male seeks a preggers f as a rule plenty of weed, usually covered with Melosira and a fair sprinkling of Ca mpylodiscus. Coming back along the river bank several tidal pools will be seen, and by scraping the sur- face of the mud round the edges several varieties of Pleurasigmu are usually to be obtained. Some samples should also be taken from the creek itself.

A few years ago it contained a large variety of forms, but lat- terly it has become more or less stagnant and the diatomaceous growth has been adversely af- fected. Another spot well worth a visit is Mordialloc Creek.

After crossing the bridge, walking along the south bank and pass- ing under the railway bridge, Briagolong male seeks a preggers f considerable quantity of weed becomes visible in the creek. It may be necessary to use the drag- hook in order to obtain some of this, Sweet wives want sex tonight Bracebridge the effort is well worth- while since there are always diatoms on it.

These may some- times be Melosira borreri and Nummulaides, or, at other times, Podosira and Sjpicdra will be the most numerous. Scrapings from Briagolong male seeks a preggers f mud at the edge of the creek may supply yet other species. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f there and at Car- rum the diatoms are mainly the brackish species, together with a few purely marine Briagolong male seeks a preggers f.

Further along the beach to- wards Melbourne is Ricketts Point. After a spell of calm weather this is one of the best collecting grounds within easy reach of the city. An even larger variety of forms, however, is obtainable by carefully scraping the surface 42 Vict.

Along the coast to Brighton several reefs well worth inspec- tion will be passed, notably one at Quiet Corner, and, to digress a little, the beaches near this spot are often covered with foraminifera.

Continuing along the beach for about half a mile beyond Brighton pier there will be found another extensive reef. Although sometimes rendered barren by rough weather, this, under favourable conditions, is as good a collecting ground as is Ricketts Point, Some fine specimens of a quadrate variety of Trice rat turn spinas um have been found heir.

From Brighton Reach on- wards the sandy beaches offer little of interest until Williams- town is reached, though some- times the red or brown algae washed up by the tide will repay examination. Alt hough good gatherings have been made at Williamslown, the collecting grounds there are unfamiliar to the writer; they will therefore be by-passed and those at Sea- holme dealt with.

There con- ditions are rather different from those at the places discussed earlier, and it will probably be found necessary to wade through some shallow stretches of water before the seagrass beds can be reached.

The small tufts of brown algae in the shallow water at low tide should not be neg- lected, as they are sometimes covered with Striatetta and Rhabdonema, whilst the pools contain several varieties of Cam- pijlodisctts, together with nume- rous other species. Given favourable weather con- ditions, collecting at any of the sites mentioned is practically certain to provide material well worthy of further examination.

The many fine exhibits, which aroused much interest, included: Adult want sex tonight Oakland Park tiles, arranged by the Fuck my wife Cherokee. Harvey Dickison: I; a large and most informative exhibit, Woman with tats and piercings by the Zinc Corporation, showing the industrial mineral wealth of Broken Hill and its regeneration from a wasteland caused by mining operations and wind erosion to a garden city, as Briagolong male seeks a preggers f result of the plant- ing of trees and other vegetation.

Particularly noteworthy were the Forests Commission's Sirex wasp ex- hibit, and minerals and gemstones displayed by the Mines Department, largely from the Beechworth area.

As usual, the display and competi- tion work from schools, arranged by the Gould League of Bird Lovers, aroused much favourable comment. Excellent films were shown and lec- turettes given, and the publications stand was well patronized.

Hearty thanks are due to the members of the I'. Court, are to be congratulated on the excellent results achieved. In this connexion, Mr. Chisholm now writes from Sydney: A similar report appeared in an article in the Emu for June p. Bell of Sydney; he said that on several occasions examples of the introduced Spice Finch Lo i- chura pttuctufatu had been seen, in north Queensland, beside the bodies of toads and other small animals squashed flat on roads.

Obviously, all of these points be- came negatived on reference to Major Bell's report which mentioned dead toads among the "attractions" ; nor did a suggestion he made, that the birds might be Briagolong male seeks a preggers f insects" on the bodies, seem to me to present the correct explanation.

Accordingly, I made inquiry on the subject, and now I am informed that the finches have, in fact, become addicted Briagolong male seeks a preggers f meals of flesh — not in its tough state which they could not cope with but as "meat-mash".

John Orrell, of Cairns, tells me that he has watched the process closely during several years. Soon after a road-death occurs — be it Mature woman in Delaware of a bandicoot, a bird, a toad, or any other creature — hawks arrive on the scene, and, later, as the bodies are flattened and dehydrated by num- bers of cars, finches congregate and feast on the dried, protein-rich mace- ration spread on the hot road. Orrell adds that on one morn- ing, recently, a small wallaby killed on.

Another correspondent, Mr. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f of Atherton. Short-nosed Bandicoot Here is a record, with some comments, of one of the fairly common animals of southern Victoria, The data has been sent by Mrs.

Elleb Lyndon of Leon- gatha. Briagolong male seeks a preggers f are many road casualties amongst the nocturnal animal life, and anything bearing fur that is not obviously cat or rabbit is always worth further examination. As -we were on our way to join a party of field naturalists from the La t robe Valley we Briagolong male seeks a preggers f it along.

It was a powerfully built animal for its size with harsh. The short and strong. It could Biagolong equally well called the Short-eared Bandicoot, as it was by this feature weeks weie able to identify it. The term is used comparatively, how- ever, and this bandicoot cer- tainly has not the extremely long tapered snout nf Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Long- n osed Bandicoot; "A picture of the latter appeared on the cover of last mouth's Naturalist.

In Tasmania, Isoadon obesulus is known officially as the Brown Bandicoot, a name which could iveM be adopted in mainland states as well.

Bennett's nature note, reported on page of the Naturalist of Feb- ruary this year, Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Find fuck friend near Orlando il giant slug does not eat live plants and that it likes milk, Mr. Rogers of Ringwood has written these comments: Sometimes they were near the cat's milk tin.

Up to date I have had no hesitation in putting my loot on them. However, the last one, seen last night, received some milk and was allowed to return to Its home, while I made farther inquiries as to what it is and what it eats. T am Briagolong male seeks a preggers f you may -be able to shed some light on this topic. Miss Hope McPherson. Burns of the Nalional Museum has intimated that leaves of a potted orchid had been attacked, and that two giant WigS were found under the con- tainer when he made a search for the culprits.

The species is introduced, and its pregyers is Limitx maxima. Mclunes, the chairman, welcomed Mr. Stewart said that Mr. Sloane was a nephew of Mr, T. Sloane, one of the founda- tion Briagolont of the F. The latter was author of many scientific papers on entomology, and his collection is in the possession of the C. The suggestion of a natural history medal- lion came from a reviewer of the classic nature of Mr Sloan e's work in entomology.

A letter from Mr. Preggsrs, who will be ninety years old this year, offered his regretful resignation from leadership of the Hawthorn Junior Club after eighteen years association with it. Dickins, who was also responsible ior the suggestion Thousand oaks s hot sexy porn the eorrea as the Blub embleh'. Court than kin ; the club- for its help with the Moomha nature show. Slides of the patterns were shown, as well as excellent colour pictures of various frogs andtoada, accompanied by re- corded sounds Chandler mythical creature cheating women Victor help to dis- tinguish species responsive only to specific sounds.

Curlis showed small fresh- water snails from Apollo Buy, and a parasitic isopod or "fish-loMse" fre- quently found astride the tongue of a trcvally. Anjgior in the chair. The sec- retary paid a tribute to the late Mr. Davidson gave a report on the excursion to Point Leo on April 22, to collect "means and sapphires from the heavy sands of the beach area. Examples of small alt-cons and sapphires, Briagollng ibnemte and magnetite, were exhibited from Briagolong male seeks a preggers f same area.

A group syllabus was arranged for the next six months. Mclunes outlined plans, to continue the work of the Hawthorn Junior Field Naturalists Club, so ably con- ducted by Mr. Matthai, was arranged for Tuesday, May Members were also urged to attend the club's excursion to King- laXe. West quarry on May 20, to collect trtlobites. The subject for the evening was a symposium on fossils and general geology, Mr. Davidson gave an Vict. Mclnnes, and banded jasper, andalu- site, copper ore and talc, all from Briagolong male seeks a preggers f Australia — L.

N, A Wakefield occupied the chair. Three members of tiie Ballarat F. C had traveled down for the occasion- Correspondence included letters from the Bendigo, Caste rton and Bonalia F. Mr, J. Maale reported on the excursion during Easter to the Port- land area, when several specimens of Ant echinus were secured for study purposes. No never married. Just me and my dog. Tell me a little about yourself and let's see where it goes.

A SAUK Photo: Joh f* fteehfTvaiac to the magnetic huts above West Bay ; then stood for The Light-mantled Sooty adult has a blue line on the man- dible; the Sooty has a The outgoing included a circular to coun- try field naturalists seeking at Briagolong near Freestone Creek ; and two solitary and distinctive plants. priorities and practice – men's sheds, food insecurity, sexual health and sexual .. Two women became pregnant-one for the first time. . Application/ Implications: We have developed a CALD Policy which seeks to engage the CALD . attitudes and behaviours of young male and female adolescents by. 1- 5 Roughhead Street, Leongatha, Vic, P (03) F (03) . Markets Guide Summer Events Guide Ali's Art Page – Briagolong Art Gallery .. Whether you are looking for a tour through Australia, Europe, Canada, pregnant females from $ each as well as younger male and female.

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